Thursday, 17 December 2009

Ecstasy & Friends available now

Here's a review of the new Lone album 'Ecstasy & Friends' from FACT magazine.

"The latest full-length release from UK house auteur Actress's Werk Discs label (also home of Lukid, and sometimes Zomby) takes the form of Ecstasy and Friends, the third long player from Matt Culter, the Nottingham-based producer best known as Lone.

Picking up where critically acclaimed - and pretty damn good - 2008 LP Lemurian left off, Lone produces sophisticated, soul-infused instrumentals that look to California's sun-kissed beat scene while adding his own crunching, melody-heavy take. Going heavy on the synths and 808s, Lone effortlessly weaves his sound between soul, hip-hop and house like some amorphous (day)dream state.

Read the rest of the review here at FACT Magazine

Ecstasy & Friends available here and other major record stores

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