Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Nochexxx review PlayGround Magazine

"When you want your hip hop sounds alien, lethargic and with a certain stink to bad hygiene feet or cared, that's when you call Sensational.
Could you do with Beans or any other member of Anti-Pop Consortium, but they are more posh, and Brooklyn is almost a pauper, who was so fucked up that he note in his voice. So, that throat cancer is so well with beats that seem a cross between Alva Noto, Skream and Chris & Cosey, who serves Nochexxx producer, back into the family Werk. A freshly cut vinyl EDTI by the English label that does not add anything special to the avant-rap beyond the confidence to say "we can continue doing so rare, even more than you thought. We would not want to be with these two in the same room.

Reviewed by PlayGroundMag
Translated by Google

Werk it.

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